We innovated to make it easier to be a parent!!!

The FIRST BABYWEARING T-SHIRT specially created for DAD. It promotes and maximizes the soothing skin-to-skin contact anywhere, anytime, with total simplicity! ...A Dad's favorite since 2011. ...

(Note: it is a garment, not a baby carrier... So don't put it over another garment)

Full skin to skin contact. No clips, no knots, no tie, no scratchy velcro!



Designed for the "masculine" silhouette - at the request of these gentlemen. Finally, dads can easily hold their infant skin-to-skin and benefit from all these benefits! Note: it is possible to share with mom if it is about the same size. A sturdy and / or sporty mom can also appreciate this style, since it is also possible to breastfeed easily!

Patented product


There is a built-in kangaroo care (skin-to-skin) support for new born, up to about 2-3 months old baby (so about 15lbs - 7kg) with mobility. No clips, no tie, no velcro, nothing lying on the floor. 

Baby is supported in the recommended PHYSIOLOGICAL POSITION.

How to know if the shirt is the right size when trying? Easy ... Look at yourself in the mirror. If the garment is flattering and follows the body, not too loose, not too tight, so it is perfect!

The Skin-to-skin Kangaroo T-shirt fit is rather adjusted (required for good support!).

VERY IMPORTANT: Inside support band must be fitted on parent's tummy.





The Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo T-shirt is ethically made in Canada of hypoallergenic Oeko-tex certified good quality high density 4-way stretch cotton / spandex jersey to ensure new father’s confidence to hold baby skin to skin up to about 15lb baby. This is a cotton garment, some precautions should be taken to keep it beautiful for long. For more details, click here.


          Skin-to-skin Babywearing Kangaroo T-shirt for men