The skin-to-skin contact (and Kangaroo Care) immediately after birth helps stabilize the temperature of newborn and promotes the initiation of breastfeeding. For more informations on all benefits of skin to skin contact, click here.

Wear it when you lay down by 45 degrees in bed or sitting in a chair.

The Kangaroo Tube is a bodice that horizontally supports the baby on the body of the parent. It is "hands-free" when parent is in a sitting or laying down position, but should put one hand on the baby when the parent is standing. The neck and the bottom of the baby's head is supported through an innovative pleat in fabric to unfold. The front of the garment forms a "cocoon" that prevents the baby from slipping sideways or down.

It comes strapless, with reversible shoulder straps or with reversible halter strap. Here's how the reversible halter strap goes on the shoulder:

With this top, breastfeeding is easy. Mom can breastfeed when the baby is inside (simply pull down the halter strap for more ease) or when the baby is out.



The Kangaroo tube with halter strap (#VA003)* is made from a soft, lightweight and 4-way stretch cotton / spandex jersey - and Oeko-Tex certified - for additionnal comfort for mom and baby and is flexible enough that baby can move and seek for the breast.

Semi-side seams with elastic shirring prevents baby from slipping sideways and follow the shape of the baby without unnecessary pressure.

The double band at the bottom and inner support to the buttocks / lower back prevents baby from slipping down. The halter strap gives an additional support, especially if you wear your baby when sitting in a chair but it's not a "hands free" baby carrier so if you get up you must have a free hand to ensure additionnal protection and support.

If desired, the inside additional support band can be easily removed (with scissors) to wear this pretty camisole all summer long.





Like the Kangaroo Tube with halter straps but with adjustable width and height for baby, thanks to easy to tie side panels. One size fits all. Made in a soft cotton-spandex high density jersey. An opening at the bottom of semi-side seams allows access to the baby to take vital signs or to let his(her) feet coming out. Perfect for newborn. Can also be worn easily with I.V.





As the Kangaroo Cami but for newborn twins or low weight twins. Can adjust the height of the baby through the cross sections under the baby and also inside support (inside support can be cut if a baby is bigger than the other). One size fits all. To support and cover belly, we suggest to wear with the Basic BANDEAU #VM015P. Patent pending.








The PREMA-WRAP FOR TWINS with adjustable halter straps #VA077B.

















The KANGAROO WRAP CAMI with shoulder strap #VA005BE.

Same design as the regular Kangaroo warp Cami, but with wide supportive, comfortable and reversible shoulder straps. Like the previous Cami, it is possible to adjust the height of the baby through the cross panels attached to the front.

One size fits all. Ease of use with natural and instinctive gestures. You can leave out the legs of a big baby through the openings of the semi-side seam. Can be worn for full skin-to-skin or over an open garment at front.




Nice 2 pcs set Cami Wrap & infant cap, in soft undyed organic cotton jersey and front in soft sherpa (plain or jacquard patterns) made of 80% organic cotton / 20% recycled poiyester. Comes into a non-bleached cardboard box (Kraft) - which can be recycle.

The perfect gift for parents of premature baby or an original idea for a Baby Shower: offer the "easy" skin-to-skin contact (hands-free when semi-lying or sitting position).

PREMA-WRAP™ (for premature baby) with halter strap #VA075PK


M.BB.WRAP™ (for full term baby) with halter strap #VA075K


PREMA-WRAP™ (for all newborn) with shoulder straps #VA088K



Normal precautions for Kangaroo Tubes and Kangaroo Cami:

If you use this garment to carry a newborn, take the following precautions:


-Make sure the position is not too "relaxed" (too rounded back), and check if support is well spread. Garment must be tight on body. It's not "hand free" so always keep a hand on baby.
-Always make sure the baby is breathing normally, the airway must never be obstructed.
-Pay attention to your new dimension, you must not get caught in the door frame with the baby!
-Don't sleep, don't do sports or cooking with baby inside the garment. Avoid any situation where a fall could occur.
-Make sure the garment is always in good condition. If a seam is about to open, discontinue the use of carrier or garment.

This garment is made of high density cotton / spandex jersey. For more information on this fabric and its maintenance/care, please click here.

Note: The care of premies, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use that garment.


Here below the written warning into garment (if erased)


Customers comments:

Loving my backyard with my new babe and my kangaroo top! Thanks!

Amy Lee H. Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA