More than just a pretty cache-coeur (cross-over) cami, this garment allows skin-to-skin babywearing and breastfeeding - and also refines the silhouette!

The baby can sits* inside the cross front sections in "M" position (knees up), legs could be out to the sides - or keep natural newborn foetal position.

Then add the Basic coordinated Bandeau over it. The Basic Bandeau will cover feets and will allow "hands-free" skin-to-skin through additional support. Also helps to support the legs with knees up, the best physiological position for the baby.

Perfect to wear under another garment.

The Skin-to-skin cami is also offered as underwear garment: the back is made with mesh to keep mom fresh and comfortable.

The Skin-to-Skin Cami is ethically made in Canada of good quality high density 4-way stretch cotton / spandex jersey without heavy metal contamination to ensure new mother’s confidence to hold newborn up to about 15-18lb (9 kg) (worn with Basic Cummerbund / Bandeau).

But it is NOT A BABY CARRIER, don't put this Cami over another garment.

This garment must be fitted, especially the bottom band, since this is what stops baby to slip down. This band also gives a light postpartum tummy support.



Without Bandeau



The International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) acknowledges the Vija-Design Skin to Skin Cami & Bandeau as "hip-healthy" products.

Make sure baby's legs are in "M" position (knees raised) as seen in the image.

NOTE: We collect information on all beneficial effects of skin-to-skin babywearing, in recommended "M" position, for babies with hip problems. Click here for more details



Simply open the criss-cross fabric panels beneath the chest OR push toward side the cross-over neckline

           View with Monica Tunic #VE032

CAUTION: We do not recommend leaving your baby inside the shirt to breastfeed, because:

1) breastfeeding a newborn is a learning and sometimes difficult adaptation. Put all odds on your side by not forcing your newborn into a specific stuck position. Do not put yourself any extra pressure, try different positions and choose the one that is most comfortable for you and your baby - outside the shirt.

2) Putting baby in  "cradle" position inside the shirt is a risk for his / her breathing. NEVER leave a sleeping baby in cradle position in this shirt or any other baby carrier.

This product is ethically made in Canada and is available from size XS to 2XL. Patented product.



Same comfort, same ease - as pretty as the single baby one - but for twins! Wear it as it is with small babies (up to 6,5 - 7 lbs - 3,5 kg) and then, for bigger babies, put over it the Basic Bandeau #VM015P for support up to 15lbs. NOT A BABY CARRIER.



the SKIN-TO-SKIN CAMI & Bandeau (underwear)  long (#VA067K)

Sold with coordinated Bandeau. Longer than regular Skin-to-skin Cami and having breathable mesh back, just wear it as it is with the Bandeau or slip it under several garments of your new mom wardrobe: t-shirt with scoop neck, wrap dresses, crossover top , etc.



It can also be worn as is, the Skin-to-skin Cami with the Basic Bandeau (# VA067K): for a trendy look, slip the Bandeau (Cummerbund) over the Cami (2), from lower hips to under the breast or (3) from over the chest to the hips


...And we also highly recommend to wear it with the Bandeau to provide more support and more comfort (easier to keep a nice "frog - W" position to baby). Here's how:

(4) Pull down the Bandeau, place baby inside Cami. "Frog" Position: place baby on your shoulder (unstable head resting on the shoulder) and dragging his leg into opposite side front panel. Then transfer Baby the other side and do the same thing. Let slip the baby down inside, his bottom inside the "X". Foetal Position: just slide baby inside in this natural curled position, into the bottom of the "X".

(5) Pull the fabric to extend on back and shoulders. Spread the fabric along the bottom up under the knees. The buttocks should be down slightly because of the weight, the knees should then be higher (about navel height). (6) Open the neckline facing over the head to maintain a safe and comfortable position (check if baby looks comfortable!) Then softly pull up the Bandeau of him (7).


Baby should now be securely and comfortably held in a "normal" position for a baby: slightly curved back to mom, knees up, head positioned with ease breathing...



After a few weeks of skin-to-skin use, do you want to learn how to wrap a baby carrier wrap? ...Great idea!

... Simply use your Skin to Skin Cami to safely maintain baby when practicing adjustments with the wrap! You will be more relaxed and it will be easier - for you and your child!



WARNINGS, Normal precautions to be taken AND instructions:

If you use this garment for skin to skin babywearing when standing up and moving, you need to take precautions (CLIC HERE):

WARNING - please READ ALL WARNINGS carefully before using. Failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions could result in death or serious injury


SIZE CHART (note: bust is the most important measurement, waist is the less important):



-Make sure the baby is in a upright vertical position, back and shoulders covered inside the "X", visible face, garment should be tight enough to avoid too "relaxed" (too rounded back) for baby, and check if support is well spread from below the knee to the other. Garment must be tight on body and baby on right position (click here).
-Always make sure the baby is breathing normally, the airway must never be obstructed.

* New garment, non-threadbare and non-broken only. These garments are designed for single user only.

This garment is made of high density cotton / spandex jersey. For more information on this fabric and its maintenance/care, please click here.


Note: The care of premie, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use garment.