VIJA DESIGN, it's also the MAMA Solution collection!

THE MUST HAVE: the practical and versatile MAMA SOLUTION UNDERWEAR



A world first! These are "mix & match" multi-ways trendy garments, easy to coordinate, allowing easy breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. Very practical before - during - after pregnancy. You will find the basics (underwear) and regular clothes, for dozens and dozens of mix & match styles. And yes! ...Real regular garments you will wear long after that period... And real fun!

The two most important fabrics for this collection:

1) Cotton / Spandex jersey, with high density, that provides support and comfort

2) the Viscose / Spandex jersey, soft, lightweight, flexible, washable. A caress on the skin! Anti-pilling finish for extra durability.

All garments are ethically made in Canada. Wide range of sizes: from X-Small to 2X-Large (see Size Chart below).



The Skin-to-skin Cami (underwear) #VA006

Made of cotton / spandex jersey, with full back in a soft and comfortable mesh which leaves the back breathe under other clothing - and gives more support. Fitted garment (must be fitted). We sit baby in cross-over front panels. Nothing to attach. To support newborn head, simply pull the neckline facing on his/her head. Just add a garment - or a basic cummerbund - for even more support. Available in White and Black.


The New Mom Cami (underwear) #VA019

Made of cotton / spandex jersey. This little cami is the perfect new mom "everyday wear": under clothing during pregnancy (won't stretch at the belly!), under clothing with deep necklines (like other Mama Solution garments) to give discreet and easy breastfeeding and can be use as a night bra (helps stabilize the nursing pads), etc ... It can be easily attached to the Fitted Belly Band (# VM014). Available in White, Black and Blue Lagoon.



The BellyBand with elastic shirring #VM014

A great success at Vija Design for over 5 years! Made of cotton / spandex jersey. A Must for the New Mom: turns all your clothes to nursing clothes! You will raise your sweater but nobody will see your belly. Fitted silhouette (non-tubular) with side stretch shirring, perfect to cover where needed. Without support. With small buttons (can be removed) on the side seams to attach the Cami New Mom # VM019. Available in Black, White, Rich plum, Blue Lagoon.



The Basic cummerbund #VM015P

More than a simple cummerbund / bellyband... This will be the most versatile item of your "Mom" wardrobe! Can be used as support band to do free-hand skin-to-skin with Skin-to-skin Cami (# VA006), you can also use it as pregnancy bellyband, Hip band or bellyband to cover and support, bellyband to camouflage unbuttoned pants or as Tube top at the bust for added discretion at neckline - or just as a fashion item! Made of cotton / spandex jersey. Comes with a little lezard print. Available in Black, Plum, White, Blue Lagoon.



The viscose/spandex NEW MOM CAMI #VA033 (underwear)

Made of viscose / spandex jersey. This little cami is the perfect "new mom any wear", layered garments during pregnancy (not stretch at the belly!), to put under all garments with deep neckline for discreet and easy breastfeeding and easy. Light and soft. No support. Available in Blue Lagoon, Jade, Wasabi, Cobalt, Black, Teal, Magenta, Steel grey.


THE 3/4 SLEEVE LAYERING TOP #VC029 (underwear)

The perfect 4 seasons underwear in soft viscose/spandex jersey, layered with Mama Solution clothing and much more! Can be worn during pregnancy and provides easy and discreet breastfeeding. Available in White, Black, Cobalt, Steel grey.


The Mesh Long Sleeves Layering Top # VC045

Made of a soft and semi-sheer Polyamid Mesh Knit. "U" neck finished with an elegant stretch satin binding & embroidered sleeve hem. A nice three seasons underwear, practical - and pretty - with most Mama Solution™ garments and many more! Can also be worn during pregnancy and provides an easy and discreet breastfeeding. Also perfect for the Holiday Season. Sizes XS to 2XL. Available in Black only.