We’re aware there is some unauthorized use of our patented designs & some counterfeit products are now on the market and sold online at cheap price..

Some are using our photos, some are using their own photos like these ones.



IMPORTANT : If it’s not bought from one of our authorized dealer (see « Where to buy » section), it is not the real product.



Beside being counterfeit products & plagiarism, these products are also unsafe since it doesn’t fit the proper way (don’t keep baby at the right place), don’t have our exclusive mom & baby grading (which fits properly for each adult sizes) and there is often the use of poor quality fabric, often too thin / too stretchy to give right support for your baby (easy to see on above unauthorized products photos : baby is too low so can easily fall and accentuated « C » crooked baby back can also be dangerous for baby's health).

These products are safety hazard – which, of course,  you don’t want for your baby.


Our products are ethically made in Canada with canadian safety standards and high quality Oeko-Tex certified fabrics.

You can purchase Vija Design products through authorized distributors and retailers, as seen on our « Where to buy » section.

These retailers are professionals (speciality stores, babywearing consultants, breastfeeding consultants, doulas) so they will help choose the right one for you.


How you can find if product seen or purchased is counterfeit ?


How it fits

Counterfeit garments often made « just as an ordinary garment », doesn’t support baby properly (baby should be at « kissable height ».)

These 3 above photos was taken on Internet, you can see right away the poor quality (baby is too low and not well supported).


The fabric

We’re using high density 94% cotton / 6% spandex, because it provides good support, no sliding, keep the nice shape, easy to breastfeed, gives a comfortable support for postpartum Belly, no flappy & saggy front panel when baby is not there.

See the difference on a hanger.


The sewing

We offer best stretch sewing, 4 threads overlock, 14 pts per inch (2,5 cm). Double stitching at waistband.

Counterfeit using poor sewing stitching and is not strongly made.


Vija Design™ products have strengthen shoulder seams with support binding and 4 needles overlock machine (counterfeit products have poor shoulder sewing, which can be dangerous because the weight of baby is on shoulders).


No cutting edges

It took 3 years to designer / mom to create the right pattern to maximize the comfort of the mother and baby. Fabric folds at the right place, carefully positioned to avoid "cut" on legs and add comfort. Example: folding fabric at « X » panel / waistline provides a comfortable seamless thickness to the back of baby's knees.





We’re only using Oekotex certified stretch care labels & warning labels

Comfortable & stretch warning labels / instructions labels are inside garments.

Counterfeit products have no warning label.


Do not hesitate to contact us to report fraudsters:

We are a small family business, this information can really help us!