VIJA DESIGN, it's the mix of passion and expertise from Vivianne Brault, designer and owner. VIJA is a shortcut to her name and her baby muses, her daughters Justine and Anaïs.

HER PASSION : as mother of a premature baby (born more than 2 months too soon in 2003) always fascinated by everything related to biology, she noticed how skin-to-skin (called the Kangaroo Care, especially in Neonatal Unit) was so beneficial to her daughter's health - and to herself. 

... A natural and instinctive bonding gesture for all parents - yet so little known ...

Her mission is to talk about it and encourage it, but above all, to contribute and help other moms by democratizing skin to skin contact, making it easier, more fun - and safer.



-She's a professional designer, graduated from Lasalle College, (MTL) with further traineeship in Textile Testing + Dyeing, Printing and Textile Finishing (Center for Textile Technologies),

-Has more than 30 years of experience in design of utilitary garments with multiple functions and / or particular vocations and has a certificate as Fashion Designer by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) for tax credits.

-Has more than 20 years of experience in sourcing & purchase of textile components and manufacturing production management of superior quality.

-Has knowledge of local and international production, in Canada but also worked in factories in the East Asia.

-Created her company in 2001 and put on the market the first hands-free skin-to-skin babywearing clothing (nothing to tie) for mother & newborn in 2008-2009, after 3 years of research and development (including prototyping and testing),

-Has developed an innovative and exclusive computerized gradation method that incorporates morphological differences of Mom & Baby in one garment, differently balanced in each size.

-Has specialized herself in design and improvement of skin-to-skin clothing for the last 10 years, making them always safer, more comfortable to wear everywhere and easy to use.

-Has done tests on prototypes in collaboration with the stakeholders of the perinatal and neonatal environment.

-Has marketed the Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo T-shirt on International market in 2011

-Has developed products adapted to the medical environment, thus helping skin-to-skin implantation in hospitals = faster stabilization of the newborn and better breastfeeding rate in the hospital (required for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative), as early as 2010.

-Has designed the first skin-to-skin babywearing t-shirt FOR DAD in 2011.

-Has designed in 2014 the "one size fits all" ultralight garment / undergarment, the Basic Prema-wrap, which can also be worn under any traditional or cultural garment, following the call for help of a volunteer worker in a humanitarian organization in Africa. This garment allows the new mother to maintain her newborn baby
skin-to-skin with ease, mobility and pride - for a long period of time, without overheating.

-These products were selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to be presented to the World Health Organization's Coordinator (Guidelines Research and Development, Maternal, Neonatal, Infant) at the Kangaroo Care Products Forum in Kigali 2014. The Prema-Wrap ™ was selected as being adequate to help implement Kangaroo Care in developing countries.

-Has designed the Wrap Kangaroo Cami - w/ shoulder straps, which is also "one-size-fits-most" and can be worn as it is, or inside or outside another garment. It was adopted by the Public Health Department of the James Bay Cree Territory  (Eeyou Istchee) to help all new mothers.

-Has 3 approved patents (+ 2 patent pending) for her Kangaroo Care / skin-to-skin T-shirts and Cami, also tops & underwear for skin to skin.

-Has created the first KC skin-to-skin babywearing clothing FOR TWINS in 2015, after many years of work - and countless requests !!!


VIJA DESIGN garments are now the reference for hands-free skin-to-skin clothing (often called babywearing shirts) and helps thousands of parents - and babies! - worldwide to spend the "fourth trimester" in the best possible way!