The Skin-to-Skin Cami & Cummerbund set
Product code : VA031K

The perfect combo! This 2 pieces set is very pretty & practical.

More than a pretty cross-over cami, it allows skin-to-skin baby wearing and breastfeeding - and also refines the silhouette! The baby can sits inside the cross front sections in "frog" position, legs are out to the sides (also feotal position for the newborn). For hands-free skin-to-skin baby carrying, slip over baby + garment the Basic coordinated Bandeau VM015 (included). Perfect to wear under other garments like cardigans, hoodies, etc.

The Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Cami is ethically made in Canada of good quality high density 4-way stretch 94% cotton / 6% spandex Oeko-Tex certified jersey without heavy metal contamination to ensure new mother’s confidence to carry up to about 20lb (9 kg) baby - when overlaying with Basic Bandeau. A piece of breathable and comfortable mesh inside is giving additional support. To support the head of the newborn, simply stretches the neck facing on his head.

The Basic Bandeau can be used for home kangaroo care (can lend it to dad!), as a belly band, and much more!

PATENTED. Made in Canada. For more information on skin-to-skin (kangaroo care), click here.

To get more informations regarding safe and comfortable positioning for your newborn, click here.

Note: The care of premie, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use that garment. NOT A BABY CARRIER.

For more information on fabric & care, click here

For more details on Skin-to-skin Cami & Basic Cummerbund, click here.



Mix Charcoal*


Lagoon blue

Orchid Pink

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