Grand Prema Wrap - shoulder straps
Product code : VA074

This underwear style is specially designed for premature babies: center front is soft, without any seam on baby. Fabric is light, easy to care and comfortable (polyester / cotton jersey) .. Can be worn by mom or dad. For moms who have had a C section, the bottom of the garment can be easily folded. This garment is adjustable in width and height, so it is perfect for premature babies (even very small babies) ...and it is "One Size fits all".

Wide, comfortable and supportive straps which distribute the weight effectively. Inside support to hold babie's buttocks and back - which prevent sagging and keeps baby in vertical position (recommended by specialists in neonatology). Support seams on each side of the buttocks is keep baby in the center but can be easily unsew if necessary. To breastfeed, simply pull down the shoulder strap, loosen the knot to slide baby in cradle position for breastfeeding within the garment. The front can be detached and open fully or partially, thanks to snap tapes on each sides.

Made in Canada. Patent pending. To breastfeed, simply lower the front or flip the shoulder strap. Wear it under a garment or as it is with a Basic Bandeau# VM015P on belly. For more information on skin-to-skin (kangaroo care), click here.

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Note: The care of premie, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use garment. Garments should always be washed before using.

White with grey lezard*
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