Wrap Kangaroo Cami - shoulder straps
Product code : VA005BE

Perfect right after the birth of your baby to enjoy Kangaroo Care!

Wear it "hands free" when you lay by 45 degrees in bed or sitting in a chair. When stand up, put a hand on baby.

Like the Kangaroo Tube with halter straps (#VA003) and Kangaroo Wrap Cami (#VA005W) but with shoulder straps (crossed over at the back). These straps are reversible, they may be pushed toward the neck or toward the arm. Because it's crossing at the back and attached at the front, it is One size fits all. You can adjust the height of sitting position with the front knot. Made in a soft but strong high density 94% cotton / 6% spandex 4-way stretch jersey. Bottom openings for medical check without disturbing baby or to let baby's feet come out.

Made in Canada. Patent pending.

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To get more informations regarding safe and comfortable positioning for your newborn, click here.

Note: The care of premie, low-weight babies or with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use garment. NOT A BABY CARRIER.

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